Manufacturing what?

Trophy awards manufacturing has been a small family owned…wait, hold on. Manufacturing? What exactly are we manufacturing?

Let’s start at the beginning. Obviously you’re thinking trophies, right? And definitely awards. And you’d be right, trophies and awards like crystal, acrylic, plaques, marble, medals, those are all things we do.

Over the years we’ve mastered new skills in the realm of recognition and awards. We also provide apparel, promotional items and custom creations like unique medals and fully cut in house acrylic masterpieces (see some finished pieces HERE or watch the process HERE).

Anyway, before this blog just turns into a list of our product offerings, I want to talk about what I believe we’re really “manufacturing”.

a sense of…COMMUNITY (joy, hope, peace, opportunity, belonging)

Whoa…that was quite a jump. Hear me out, when you look at these items that we’re producing, what are they for? Office Décor? Trophy cases? Maybe sometimes certainly. Call me cheesy but I like to refer to them as billboards of love! Too much? Billboards of togetherness? (Appreciation)

These items are capturing your words of appreciation, and thanks, and achievements, and memories to immortalize them! In the same way that a picture is worth a thousand words, these awards, gifts, apparel, etc. mark a moment in time. One you thought was worth remembering.

We agree. Working alongside our customers and partners to create memorable appreciation moments is what drives us. Our vision for the work we do is that ‘Through expressions of Love, Honor, & Affirmation we will transform Organizations to embrace celebration and cultivate belonging’ 

We are aiming for complete, outright, absolute, all encompassing, Total Appreciation.

Dec 2nd 2022 Samantha Sullivan

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