Ultra-Color Imaging Process


BevelOctagon 6.jpg

Ultra-Color is a newer technology we utilize to image full-color layouts onto awards with outstanding brilliance. The process is UV stable, durable, and easy to read.

This photo shows just a few examples of how vivid and dramatic your message of celebration will be displayed when utilizing this new technology. All completed pieces that have been imaged with the Ultra-Color process will be decorated with crisp and brilliant colors...Even the most extreme details can be captured using this process, and clarity will not suffer! Adding color to your award has never been easier.

Rectangle Award 46.jpg

The Ultra-Color process is available on many of our award options. However, it is not available on all items, so take a glance at the product description pages to verify the availability. Currently, this technology is only available for use on flat award surfaces. So, curved and textured items are not suitable for this process. As always, we welcome your calls or emails regarding this technology, product options, or any celebration questions.