When will I receive my order?

This is a great question and we want to provide as much clarity as possible on how we orchestrate customer orders and what you can expect.  You'll find 3 steps below to help calculate the arrival date…but don't skip the next couple paragraphs!

We are happy to make promises and stand by the agreements we make.   We feel confident in our ability to  keep our promises….still, ordering celebration and recognition items requires feedback and collaboration from our customers.  We'll take a few minutes here to talk about the promises we can make, and we'll also ask for your understanding as well. 

We promise to send out proofs within 48 hours of the order being placed.  We also promise to complete the order 3 days after proof is approved.  These promises enable us to complete most orders with 6 business days. 

The exception to 6 business days is generally brought-on when we are not given complete order information upfront or the proofs we send are not responded to promptly.  You see, we can't start working on an order until we have all the information needed and the approval to begin.    Ideally, we need customer feedback within 3 business hours after sending-out the proofs.  If there are times in your day when you can't reply to a proof in 3 hours - we get that - it happens - we're busy.  We just ask for your understanding in needing to adjust the ship date accordingly.   Still, we promise to complete orders 3 days after the proof is approved - we simply can't control how long it takes to get customer feedback to gain approval.

We send proofs on all orders with a new layout, and all orders with a merchandise value over $250.00.  If we have a repeat order and only a simple name or date change is requested, we will send the order to production immediately after the artwork is created.  An artwork confirmation email will be sent to the customer for reference only…a reply is not required.

So let's go through 3 quick steps to ensure our standard production time will fulfill your event needs.

Step One:  When will the order be placed?

Here are some hypothetical order days.  These examples are valid with the understanding that Trophy Awards has been provided all the necessary order information and customer provides proof feedback in 3 hours or less. 

All orders received on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be completed on the following Monday.

All orders received Tuesday will be completed on the following Tuesday.

All orders received Wednesday will be completed on the following Wednesday.

All orders received on Thursday will be completed on the following Thursday.

All order received on Friday will ship out on the following Friday.

(be careful of holidays, they do not count as a production day)

Step Two: What is transit time for Ground Shipping from 41076 (our zip code) to your shipping address?

Remember shipping does not count SaturdaySunday or Holidays as transit days.  See map below to know your transit time.



Step Three: Add the Ground Shipping transit days to the schedule above.  Does this meet your event needs?

If not, please call our customer care team to inquire about priority services and upgraded shipping transit times.

Do you have a faster turn-around time? 

We do offer priority service on orders with less than 3 production days after proof approval.  These orders are best handled with the insights of our customer care team.  We promise we'll collaborate with you and let you know just how quickly we can complete the work.  We put these priority orders to the front of the line - like FastPass at an amusement park.  Most of these orders ship the next day, but there are a lot of variable involved.  This service adds 35% to the merchandise total and generally covers the loss of efficiencies seen in the production process: like stopping one order in order to start another, and the overtime expenses for our team stay late to meet a quick due date. 

Again, we recommend collaborating with our customer care team when a quick turnaround is required.  We almost always find a way to say "yes."

Our Promises: 

We promise to send all proofs within 48 hours of order submission.

We promise to send proofs for all new customers, new layouts, and all orders over $250.00 in value.

We promise to send artwork confirmations on orders not requiring proof approval. 

We promise to complete orders 3 days after proof approval.

We promise to let you know when an order is ready for pick-up.

We promise to send you tracking information when an order ships.

We promise to collaborate with you and seek understanding. 

We promise that you'll be treated with respect and dignity. 

We promise that our team will strive to find the "yes" in every opportunity.