Credit Terms Policy

Trophy Awards is a Core Values based Learning Organization.  This means that we operate our business and our relationships through the unwavering guidance of the Core Values.
After being in business for 30 years, there are things that used to make sense as a smaller company that no longer are helpful to our current operations.  We have been questioning everything in our attempt to make sure we Pursue Excellence, Be Lean and Efficient, and are Financially Healthy.

We want to bring some clarity and guidance to our team regarding which of our customers meet the requirements to have credit with Trophy Awards or are provided Net 30 payment terms.

  1. New Customers are customers who are placing their first order with Trophy Awards Mfg., Inc. (TA).  New customers do not qualify for Net 30 terms and must provide payment at the time the order is placed.  There are a few exceptions...these exceptions are local, state, and federal government agencies, branches of the military, fire departments, schools, hospitals, and prisons.  These customers still have freedom to prepay with credit card, but if they have a Purchase Order from the organization, we will extend Net 30 terms.

  2. Existing Customers are customers who have placed more than one order with TA.  An existing customer may apply for a credit account (Net 30 terms) when the following requirements are met: they have one complete calendar year of sales history with Trophy Awards.  They must have placed at least 6 orders within that year totaling more than $1,000.00.

If a customer meets these qualifying factors & has a good credit history, we will be happy to extend Net 30 terms with a credit limit of $10,000.00.

Our team hopes this helps give some clarity as our company sets the table for many more years of serving others and our community.

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