Who We Serve

We believe we were all created for community. We believe community is a calling to serve others. It’s a place where we strip away our own self-interests to share what we have been given. It is here that we can be ambassadors of love. In community, we build relationships through trust, Collaboration, and accountability.

Our Charitable Community Partners are one way we choose to share our gifts and resources. Whether it be through awards of affirmation, volunteering our time, or simply lending a hand in times of need, we respond to them as part of our community.

Please take a moment to read more about each of our partnerships below, and why we feel called to serve them.

Our newest charitable partner has taken greater Cincinnati by storm over the past few years, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our local communities through our collaboration with the FC Cincinnati Foundation.The FC Cincinnati Foundation aims to achieve transformational change for underserved children in our local communities.Foundation-specific programming focuses on character development, physical and mental well-being and community service. To help drive change and impact a positive response, soccer programming is used as a catalyst to reinforce character values and improved health.The Foundation also serves as FC Cincinnati’s philanthropic arm, making donations and investments to Cincinnati-area organizations that have similar goals and ambitions for the area’s youth.

Sportscaster Bryant Gumbel once said, “The other sports are just sports. Baseball is love.”In our community, when the snow has melted away, and the temperatures are slowing rising, one thing stands out above the rest…Reds baseball.The Reds Community Fund has taken our community’s passion for the team, and invested it back into our under resourced youth. More than 45,000 kids and coaches benefit annually through programs such as field renovations, instructional seminars, academic tutoring, and opportunities for children with disabilities.The Reds Community Fund provide is a great example of what it means to Live Generously. There is an abundance of resources and love that are being shared to help transform the lives of thousands of people every year through incredible learning opportunities and experiences.Our relationship with the Reds Community Fund is one we cherish and feel built up in, because we see others being built up. 

 Freestore Foodbank distributes more than 20 million meals annually throughout the greater Cincinnati region. 20 MILLION MEALS!!! They have such an incredible impact on people who are longing to feel loved and experience a sense of acceptance.But a visit to Freestore is more than receiving a meal. It’s being Built Up through words of encouragement. It’s being respected. It’s feeling empowered to serve others. It’s being accepted and loved as a member of our community.This is how we want people to feel when they interact with Trophy Awards. We want your experience to be more than a transactional purchase. We desire a connection with you that will help transform someone’s life.

Can you recall a time someone empowered you to do something you once thought was impossible? Do you remember the sense of joy and freedom that filled you in that moment?Compassion International, through “Sponsors” all across the world, give that joy and freedom to children stricken by poverty every day.Our company President, Thomas Busch, and his family, have sponsored children through Compassion International for over 20 years. Tom, along with his daughter Sophie, have traveled to Guatemala & the Philippines to connect face to face with young people we’ve grown to love. Such an awesome time of celebration!Compassion International has a heart for improving the lives of others spiritually, economically, socially, and physically. That’s a mission we want to support. In the coming years, trophy Awards hopes to grow our relationship as a company with Compassion International. We’re excited to share many more stories like Tom’s and Sophie’s with you in the future.  


To learn more about our Charitable Community Partners and how you can get involved, please click the links below:

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