Artwork Requirements


Trophy Awards is a Core Values based Learning Organization. This means that we operate our business and our relationships through the unwavering guidance of the Core Values.

In an effort to pursue excellence and being lean and efficient, we ask that “clean artwork” is provided. We realize this might be a bit vague or confusing, so we want to bring some clarity and guidance to our customers regarding artwork that meets our requirements.

What is considered “clean artwork”?

  1. Vector Art: Sometimes referred to as line art, vector art is artwork that has been created in a specific type of graphics program such as Corel Draw or Illustrator. These types of files have very crisp, clean edges that will not appear blurred or pixelated. It is formatted as an .eps (Encapsulated PostScript,) .ai (Adobe Illustrator,) or .cdr (Corel Draw). Please keep in mind that non-vector artwork should not be saved as one of these file extensions, it must be created and saved in a vector graphics program.

  2. Curves: Sometimes a file will be correctly sent to us, but we will have issues because we do not have the fonts used in your artwork. In those cases, we will ask that you have your artwork converted to curves/outlines.

How to send artwork:

  1. Email: The preferred way to provide artwork is via email. Please send artwork as an attached file.

  2. Compressed File: You may send artwork via a compressed file if it is larger than 5 MB

  3. File Sharing: If a file is larger than 5 MB, you may use a file sharing website such as

What if my artwork does not meet the requirements?

When artwork cannot be provided in the correct format, rest assured, we have a plan in place to help. We offer to recreate the artwork so that it may be used on our product, as well as send our customers a copy of the newly created format for their future projects. This process takes 12 – 24 hours and the prices are as follows:

  1. $15 fee for recreation. This is the type of file needed for most of our awards (crystal, glass, acrylic, marble, and lasered plates.) This fee applies to black and white images as well as full color.

  2. ***Please note*** If artwork is extremely detailed, the price for the art recreation could increase. We are more than willing to send a quote before proceeding.

Examples of “bad” and “good” artwork:

We want our customers’ awards to be the best quality possible, and our team hopes this helps give some clarity as our company sets the table for many years of serving you and our community.

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