Experience the Joy of Giving

Experience the Joy of Giving

At Trophy Awards, we operate a Core Values based, learning organization. This means that we apply our Core Values to what we do and how we operate with unwavering attention to direct our decisions and interactions with each other. We have 11 Core Values that we stand behind. We believe these Core Values help us to sculpt a culture of care and excellence, and this empowers us to live life of wholeness and integrity. One of these values is: Live Generously.

Most of us have heard the quote that "it is better to give - than to receive". I believe this is true. Living Generously can impact our lives in many ways. You see, Living Generously helps to change the lens from which we view the world. Will we see through an internal lens or an external lens? Will we live selfishly or selflessly?

The majority of marketing and advertising assures us that happiness and meaning are just a purchase away! They say we will really feel happy and secure in ourselves as we acquire and immerse ourselves with more. We deserve luxury, we deserve comfort, we deserve delicacies and fine wine, we deserve to be the envy of others. We are taught to be discontent. I believe that more we look internally and focus on what we don't have, the more stingy and distressed we will feel.

Living Generously includes looking internally....but this internal gaze lasts just long enough for us to do an inventory of our own wealth. Some of you may be saying to yourself, "Hey, wait a minute Tom, I'm not wealthy." I'd simply ask, "are you sure?" I believe everyone is wealthy in one way or another. Let's ask the questions of what you can give away...or where you have health.

You don't need to have buckets of money to be generous. Just think of all the things you've learned in your life that you can share with others! You are capable of building up others and helping many live more prosperously. It just takes you looking beyond yourself and engaging in the world around you.

We believe in Living Generously, because the more we're generous we become, the more we can impact and improve the lives of those around us. Furthermore, Living Generously has a way of bringing joy and meaning to our lives that can't be found by accumulating and hoarding. I'd encourage to engage in Living Generously and experience, first hand, the joy of giving.

Too often we equate generosity with money, but I believe some of the most remarkable forms of Living Generously are expressed in ways that have almost nothing to do with cash.

Jul 19th 2016 Tom Busch

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